Kids’ Games That Improve Handwriting


Getting your child to practice their handwriting can become a daunting task. They have video games on the brain and will do anything to get away from their work desk-and you! Did you know that there are many kids’ games that improve handwriting? You can make practicing their manuscript a fun time that they will look forward to and that will help them get noticeable handwriting results.

Guess Which Hand!

Your child will never know that they are playing a game that will help improve their handwriting. Simply select a small item, like a piece of chocolate candy or a marble and place it in one of your hands. Clutch your hands closed as tightly as you can. Instruct your child to try to get the item away from you. It forces them to use their hand strength and flex different muscles in the hands and fingers that will allow them to grip and hold their pencil correctly and control their writing strokes. Be sure to give them the item as a victory prize once they succeed with pulling your hand open!

Messy Kids Games

Finger painting may be messy, but it sure is a lot of fun. And, it can be turned into a learning game for kids that improve their handwriting. How? The act of simply using their hands and fingers to paint strengthens fine motor coordination in little learners. The stronger their fine motor coordination is, the better they will write. Give your child a long roll of white paper. Let them warm up first by finger painting a picture of their choice. Then, have them practice writing their name, numbers, and letters. You can even get in on the messy fun and write your child’s name for them first, and encourage them to trace over it, blending paint colors together.

Competitive Kids Games

The Appealing Rabbit boasts colorful and interactive handwriting letter cards that allow children to write on each with a dry erase marker. Each card has a designated letter. Children are encouraged to form the letter correctly by going around the outline of various images on each card. When they are finished they can simply erase their lines and try again. In order to raise the stakes; turn the game into a competition. If your child is able to form the letter correctly and neatly, they earn a point. If not, you earn the point. Play until someone reaches ten points. Your child’s handwriting will noticeably improve because they will be having fun forming their letters and doing so with control and accuracy.

Who said handwriting has to be a drill and practice activity? Your child will love to take part in these fun, creative, and even messy kids’ games. They are all things you can do in the comfort of your own home and for a small price tag. Consider tossing the handwriting workbooks and picking up some of these awesome learning materials.

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