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Sabrina from The mummy stylist is this weeks author on The Appealing Rabbit blog. Sabrina is a mum to a 3 year old boy, a graphic designer by profession and blogs about toddler fashion, crafts, makeovers and random mum stuff!

This morning my boy was in a colouring-in mood – which usually means Mummy drawing a bus in the colour he chooses, and then Tyler colouring the bus in. While he was in the arty mood, I thought it was a good time to try out these new Write on Wipe off Alphabet Cards that were kindly sent to us by the Appealing Rabblt.


Inside the packet is a small dry-erase black marker with an eraser on the lid, and 26 beautifully illustrated cards of each letter of the alphabet, The cards are quite sturdy and measure 12x16cm. There is also a scorecard included.


The idea is for children to trace the outline of each letter to practice learning to write the alphabet. The cutie cartoons are to make it fun. Now my boy has just turned 3, and with a short-attention span he had got distracted by his trains! So I brought him the letter ‘T’ – it being a favourite, T for Train, T for Tyler – and let him have a go.


And this is what he came up with. Very good for a 3-year-old I would say! He obviously needs more practice, but I’m sure he’ll be writing letters within the year. Hopefully. Well these cards will definitely help :-) It all wiped off with the eraser on the lid, even the bit he got on the floor (note to self – do not do this again on the floor!)


All the cards are different, with illustrations featuring the cutest little rabbit. Below are my favourite designs from the cards – I love the motion implied, so when you are writing the letter, you are following the train or car etc. Tyler’s favourite is letter ‘O’ – he keeps gasping ‘train’ at it.


These cards have just come on the market – they are that brand sparking new. Created in Norway, they are available to buy in English, Danish or Norwegian.

If you’re interested in the artist behind the illustrations, they are drawn by Gediminas Pranckevičius and 4-Leaf Clover Studios. Very talented!

Twitter: @AppealingRabbit

Please note we were sent this product for the purpose of this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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