Our story



The Appealing Rabbit is a brand created purely from a concerned father’s love. This Norwegian product prides itself on motivating children to learn the letters of the alphabet and to form each letter with accuracy and precision, but in a creative, competitive, and fun way!

My six year old son struggled with writing letters correctly. He lacked motivation when writing in school and had difficulty with writing some of the letters in his name. His hand would shake and he became frustrated. I decided that night at the dinner table that I had to do something to help my son with this important skill. So, on a blank piece of paper, I drew an ice hockey field. I drew two goal keepers and several pucks around the field. My son’s goal was to use the pucks as a guide to allow him to form a perfect letter “C” around each puck. If he made the letter correctly,he would score a goal. If not, I would get the point instead. In a matter of minutes, my son was motivated and began making perfect “C’s”.

I also repeated this process with various letters and game boards. I could see that my games were really capturing my son’s interest and was improving his letter formation and hand control. I saw that these activities gave my son a sense of achievement and some fun, competitive, motivation. Shortly after that, I got in touch with two designers, one from Lituania and one from Vietnam, and made my visions a reality.

The letters are now produced on a deck of cards and are designed in fun, colorful, and creative shapes and patterns of letters for children of all ages to practice their letter writing skills. The cards are durable and can be used again and again due to their write on, wipe off feature.

The cards can be used in a variety of ways as well! Children can play the game as described above, practice on them anywhere, independently; and can even be use them as a way to practice spelling words. The card contains multiple letters so spelling any word becomes a snap!

Much like Scrabble, you can gather the entire family together. Have each person take turns and draw one card at a time from the deck. The first family member who manages to spell a word has to put their cards on the table for all to see. If they spelled a real word correctly, they earn a point and the game continues.

Parents will love the endless learning opportunities that these cards create, and teachers around the world also highly recommend using these cards. The cards encourage letter recognition, the development of fine motor skills, and the correct formation of letters which need to be mastered by school age children.

It is never too early to begin letter recognition or writing. The Appealing Rabbit’s learning tools originated at a dinner table and are now produced worldwide. From one concerned father to another; they will truly captivate your child’s interest and help make writing less frustrating and more fun for all!

 Sven-Erik Bergman
Founder & father of three