Reading and Language Preschool Games


Reading and Language Preschool Games

Your child’s preschool years are crucial for future educational success. While you may leave the educating up to your child’s teacher, many parents forget that the learning process continues within your own home after preschool hours. One way you can play teacher at home to your child is to encourage early literacy activities. Your child will be a better reader and writer, and your child’s teacher is sure to notice the extra work that you put in with your child. Here are some reading and language preschool games that you can play together.

Muffin Tin Match

Get out a muffin tin. Place a picture of an object in each hollow cup. Using magnetic letters or word cards from The Appealing Rabbit; have your child name each item and find the corresponding letter that the item begins with and place it in the cup. Repeat the process with different pictures.

Word Manipulation

Letter cards are ideal for preschool students. The Appealing Rabbit is a company that makes colorful and durable letter cards. They can be used to encourage good handwriting and proper letter formation or spelling various words. Use the cards to form a word such as bat. Show your child how they can manipulate the beginning sound while keeping the ending sounds the same. Make the word hat, and then cat. Ask them if they can make any other words using the cards. Explain that the words they make that do not make sense are called non-sense words. These are words that have no meaning. However, your child should still be praised for making a non-sense word because they may see this combination of letters as they read when they are older and they can help improve your child’s overall fluency. Once your child gets good at adding one beginning sound, introduce them to blends and encourage them to add two letters onto each word. For example, bat can turn into that or splat.

Alternative Endings

Read your child’s favorite story to them. When it comes to an end, ask them to come up with a new ending. You can also encourage them to add characters and change settings. They key goal is for them to use their imagination and gain a basic understanding of narrative elements (character, setting, problem, solution, key events). After they come up with a new ending, ask them to make an illustration and put their thoughts into words. Children should be writing for at least 15 minutes each day and this is a great opportunity to move from one activity to another.

Letter Race

Using The Appealing Rabbit’s letter cards give your child a dry erase marker in their favorite color and challenge them to write each letter correctly and neatly. If they can do so, they earn a point. If they cannot, you earn a point. These cards encourage accuracy and precision because they have images that form the shape of each letter and allow your child to write around them. They can be used independently or for a competition, as described above.

Help your little learner become a great reader and writer with these reading and language preschool games!

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