Speak and Spell-How to Improve Your Child’s Spelling

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Many students struggle with spelling. Letters and their sounds confuse a lot of children. However, the more that you expose them to basic letter recognition and phonics patterns; the more proficient your child will become with this important life skill. Studies also show that there is a direct correlation between how your child spells and how fluent your child reads. If you are searching for ways that you can improve your child’s spelling, read on to learn about several things you can do on a daily basis with your child.

Talk, talk, talk

Talk to your child-a lot. Basic conversation can always be turned into a learning opportunity. For example, when driving in the car; tell your child to look at a sign that you are approaching. Tell them what a word on the sign says. Ask them to look at it. After a moment, tell them to close their eyes and ask them if they can recite and spell the word back to you. Ask them what letters they can hear or even not hear in the word. It is something simple that you can do every day that encourages discussion and is a learning opportunity.

Spelling Cards

You can pick up a set of letter cards anywhere. Specifically, one company called The Appealing Rabbit sells write on, wipe off letter cards. They are mainly used for letter recognition and for the correct formation of letters; but can be easily turned into a spelling game. You can spread out the letter cards and ask your child to make a word that you tell them or a word that they can find among the spread out cards. You can even turn it into a Scrabble-like game and award them points for certain letters used!

Make a Word Wall

You can turn your entire home into a word wall. Simply pick up sentence strips or index cards. Label items and take daily walks around your house asking your child to read each word and close their eyes in order to spell each object. You can start out with small, simple words like plant, cup, or lamp and add more challenging items into the mix once your child masters the basic words. Have them work their way up to words like television, refrigerator, and even cabinet. After a month or two, you will dramatically notice a change with your child’s reading and spelling abilities.

Many parents today believe that spelling isn’t as important because their children can use spell check on their phone or computer to communicate. While that may be true, school age students are still expected to master recognizing and reading word families, and are asked to spell words correctly, without always using technology. Try some of these activities in order to increase your child’s ability to spell, and ability to become a better reader as well!

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